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Han Guoyu said that for decades, Kaohsiung has not had a leader of the Taiwan region. This time, he must do it. He is in another county. Many people will automatically come over when they see him and say, "I am from Kaohsiung, and I am very happy to see the mayor." , this kind of happiness is a sense of recognition and honor, and even in Mazu, someone told him that he reported to the mayor that I married Mazu.

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On February 25 this year, Guangming District announced the compensation and resettlement plan for the start-up area of the Science City. On March 1, the project officially launched the signing, and it is planned to complete the signing task on March 31. In April, the start-up area of Guangming Science City officially started on-site demolition. At that time, the media reported that a land preparation team of nearly 500 people, in "the office area transformed from a few simple iron factory buildings, promotes the efficient advancement of the land preparation work in the start-up area of the Science City day and night".⊙々On the 1st, Han Guoyu stood on the platform for Li Yajing, a candidate for the party's "legislator" in Fengshan, and prepared water guns on the spot. He satirized that the DPP picked up the gun and wanted to wash the blackness off Han Guoyu's body. (Photo source: Taiwan's "Zhongshi Electronic News") On the 1st, Han Guoyu stood on the platform for Li Yajing, a candidate for the party's Fengshan "legislator", and prepared water guns on the spot, ironing that the DPP picked up the gun and wanted to wash the black of Han Guoyu's body. Lose. (Photo source: Taiwan "China Times Electronic News")⊥The Plan Outline includes the following sections:iHy0ryK

On May 31 this year, the Political and Legal Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee announced that Comrade Zhang Jiahui was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law and was under investigation by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. The news also mentioned that Liu Yuansheng, Zhang Jiahui’s husband and the actual controller of Hainan Dinas Investment Co., Ltd. (Dinas for short), was investigated by the public security organs for suspected crimes.sdEYgYOriginal title: New media: Foreign tourism agencies use WeChat to attract Chinese touristsbtc address kucoin【Mutual capital】

Assistant to the Chief of the Macau Police, Wu JinhuaCitizens who drive through these three districts should pay attention to road conditions and slow down; pedestrians should use public transportation as much as possible when going out, avoid riding bicycles or electric vehicles, and pay attention to stay away from and avoid vehicles; elderly, weak, sick and young people should try to avoid going out as much as possible.№Original title: China's medical insurance adds 70 negotiated drugs: "aristocratic drugs" offer "civilian prices"∏dMqnwx

Original title: Deng Bingqiang, the first brother of the Hong Kong police, accepted a TV interview today: It is not fair to set up an investigation committee only for the police force☆From March 1996 to October 2000, Deputy Chief of Tumut Zuo Banner (during the period: from September 1997 to July 2000, studied economics and management at the Correspondence College of the Central Party School);≌【ridicule】667CDQ

From this afternoon to the night, the north wind is strong, the wind chill effect is obvious, and the temperature at night is low, the body feels very cold, pay attention to travel safety, and add clothes to keep warm in time.∑NLjsu

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