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Changes in the sharing method of supporting the elderly;

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Commercial real estate investment and sales double down⊙々The specific meaning here can be well understood by the Japanese side.⊥Red Star News reporter Luo Mengjie Li Wentao according to the intervieweeDiEVV2T

According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on December 6, Hua Chunying said: "China has taken countermeasures. China has always supported diplomatic and consular personnel from various countries, including the United States, to carry out normal official activities in China in accordance with the law, and provide Necessary convenience. In response to the restrictions imposed by the U.S. State Department on Chinese diplomatic and consular personnel in the U.S. in October this year, China has sent a note to the U.S. embassy in China on December 4 to take a reciprocal approach to the U.S. from now on, and China will respond accordingly according to the U.S. approach. response."faEH8hapSource: People's Daily New Media Author: Bo Lanpingusdt btc fark?【Concealed】

Four levels:The motherland has not forgotten those who are loyal to the motherland. On November 10, 2018, Wu Hongfu was awarded the honorable title of "The Most Beautiful Retired Soldier"; on October 1, 2019, Wu Hongfu was invited to participate in the "Salute" phalanx of the National Day parade float, and was reviewed by the party and the people.№Original title: [Jinyun Concern] Many students of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute suspected of being infected with brucellosis have returned home.∏RB69IKn

The black riots can be called a big outbreak of deep-seated contradictions in Hong Kong. "Education is sick" has long been a social consensus, and the Education Bureau and the school are to blame. Just think, kindergarten teachers use cartoons to instill the concept of "the police are bad people"; elementary and middle school textbooks, reference books, and exam papers are full of content that hates the country and distorts history, and there is even Dai Yaoting, the originator of "illegal justice" in universities. , it is not surprising that children grow up in this educational environment and become thugs.☆It is worth noting that this time Xinde Group won the Suhewan plot and chose a central enterprise and a local state-owned enterprise in Shanghai to cooperate. In addition to China Resources Land, the remaining 20% of the two joint ventures in which Xinde Group took over OCT-related shares are owned by local state-owned Chinese enterprises in Shanghai.≌【Ellipse】wJscN

The decline in commercial real estate sales is also accompanied by a decline in investment. From January to October 2019, the investment in the development of office buildings and commercial business buildings was 1,597.5 billion yuan, a decrease of 82.2 billion yuan compared with the same period in 2018. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in the past three years, the proportion of investment in the development of office buildings and commercial buildings in the overall real estate has continued to decline. From January to October 2017, the development investment of office buildings and commercial buildings accounted for 20.62% of the total real estate, from January to October 2018 it was 16.91%, and from January to October 2019 it fell to 14.58%.∑vqJvMpgI

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