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2022-04-28 22:16:51 kraken blog
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Previously, the record was held by the former Soviet Union's "Lunar Rover 1", which has not been surpassed for 49 years. According to reports, "Lunar Rover 1" is the world's first unmanned lunar rover. From the soft landing on the lunar surface on November 17, 1970 to the stop of work on October 4, 1971, it carried out a patrol movement on the lunar surface for ten and a half months, running for a total of 321 days, and inspected the lunar surface of about 80,000 square meters. , took more than 20,000 photos.

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Original title: The thugs threw petrol bombs to damage the MTR station in the middle of the night. MTR: reserves the right to investigate⊙々We also found that both Telegram and LianDeng, since the beginning of the winter, the number of speakers and the level of activity have dropped a lot. This also corresponds to the recent reduction in violence in Hong Kong.⊥The Beijing News previously reported that on October 28, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued the "Implementation Plan for the Work of Reducing the Burden of Primary and Secondary School Students in Zhejiang Province (Draft for Comment)", which was open to the public for comments. The consultation draft lists 33 key measures to reduce the burden of primary and secondary school students. Among them, it is planned to stipulate that primary school students and junior high school students can refuse to complete the remaining homework at 9 pm and 10 pm. According to the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, teachers cannot punish students for failing to complete their homework and ensure students sleep time. Students can refuse to complete the remaining assignments after a limited time with the signature of the parent.TYKGV1

According to Xinhua News Agency, on the morning of May 23, my country launched the remote sensing 33 satellite with the Long March 4C carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The first and second stages of the rocket flew normally, and the third stage worked abnormally. It is judged that the third stage of the rocket and the wreckage of the satellite have fallen, and the satellite launch failed.3EZKSome netizens said that there are more and more righteous citizens, and Hong Kong is saved. Thank you for speaking up to safeguard the rule of law in Hong Kong↓kraken blog【male tao】

In the 1980s, when Zhengding was in power, Xi Jinping, who often went to the grassroots to investigate, discovered this situation in the couplet: the most arduous work of township cadres every day was to attend meetings, read various documents, and receive various inspections from higher-level departments. Inspection of. Moreover, regardless of the size of the matter, the leaders who have come down will always seek the "top leader" of the township. Under such circumstances, how much time do grass-roots cadres have to do serious and pragmatic things?Original title: Chinese Ambassador to France: People in Western countries do not have a complete understanding of the situation in Xinjiang№China News Agency, Madrid, December 13 (Xia Bin) The report "China's 2050 Photovoltaic Development Outlook" was released at the "China Corner" of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid on the 12th local time. The report predicts that by 2050, photovoltaics will become the largest power source in China.∏f2aRblI5

One detail caught my attention. According to reports, just two weeks ago, on November 28, Xiamen Metro Line 2 just passed the safety assessment and is scheduled to open before the end of the year. So, the question is, is there a problem with this assessment? Are there procedural or professional, or other gaps? It is necessary to find out.☆The 54-year-old Yang Shengshi has been in charge of two municipalities in Jiangsu, Zhenjiang and Lianyungang. In March 2018, Yang Shengshi stepped down as secretary of the Lianyungang Municipal Party Committee and became the director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance.≌【shawl】8DwxmKd

Zeng Gang, deputy director of the National Financial Development Laboratory, further added that the so-called "policy based on the city" is the "policy based on the city" under the principle of "housing, not speculation". The economic development stages in different parts of China are different, the supply and demand relationship and development stage of the housing market are different, and the operating prices and operating ranges of real estate are also different. In this case, it is not pragmatic and reasonable to implement the same regulatory policies.∑uy8hTqP

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