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Original title: James Soong fully criticized Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai Ing-wen: Are you worthy of Chiang Ching-kuo?

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The notice clarifies that the price of commercial housing consists of cost plus profit and tax. Among them, the cost of commercial housing includes a total of 8 items, namely, floor price, preliminary construction cost, housing construction and installation cost, public infrastructure and ancillary public supporting facilities in the community, management cost, sales cost, financial cost, and administrative fees. and funds.⊙々Sun Jianwen pointed out that after the cancellation of the provincial toll stations, a small number of artificial toll lanes will still be reserved at the entrance and exit toll stations. Therefore, vehicles without ETC can continue to drive on the expressway by parking at the entrance toll booth to collect the card, and at the exit toll booth to pay the card and pay the toll. "However, for these vehicles, the traffic efficiency will be low, because queues may often occur at the entrance and exit toll stations with large traffic flow; the second is that they cannot enjoy discounts on tolls."⊥The Hong Kong police said that in addition to the incident, at least two buses were pressed by the rioters on the emergency switch. Later, the rioters in black also used hard objects to break the body glass, causing extensive damage to the buses. The damaged bus had cracks and had to be suspended. It was parked in the center of the road. Hong Kong riot police and several police cars were on guard.67I7Si8

Original title: Ministry of Commerce: China's 18 years of accession to the WTO has contributed to the world's largest economic growthUGV8jRTOriginal title: Jiang Zhipeng responded to kicking a Japanese player: unintentional injury, his head touched my footvirtual currency mining contracts【with to】

The 35-episode TV series "Macau People", co-produced by China Central Radio and Television, the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, and the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government of Macau, landed on CCTV on November 29, and ranked first in the Cool Cloud Index in the first week of its broadcast, ranking first in the country's gold. Top TV shows. As a masterpiece of realism as a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland, "Macau People" focuses on the century-old "Liang Kee Bakery" on Sanwan Xie Street in Macau, and writes how three generations of people have carried forward the "Liang Kee Bakery" to "Macao" The story of "conscience", a panorama showing the development and changes of Macau before and after its return to the motherland.In 2017, the Giant Panda Center officially launched the wild introduction project of giant pandas. The artificially bred giant pandas will be released into the wild after wild training, and then mate with wild giant pandas and give birth to cubs.№December 2∏biD9s

According to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's Far Eastern Airlines suddenly announced today (12th) that it would cease operations, causing an uproar on the island and greatly affecting the travel of many people. The itinerary of Kuomintang 2020 candidate Han Guoyu was also affected. Originally, he was going to take a Far East Airlines flight to Kinmen tomorrow (13th) for a campaign. Korea Yu's campaign headquarters announced earlier that the "Golden Gate Tour" needs to be postponed, tomorrow's event will be cancelled, and arrangements will be made in the future.☆China News Service, December 12th. According to the US "World Journal" report, with the continuous tightening of US foreign policy, getting a US visa is no longer a guarantee for a smooth foothold on US soil. How to pass the customs has become a lot of Chinese immigrants. The terrifying part of the beautiful scenery. Some Chinese students have been asked to enter a small dark room to check their mobile phones and undergo a second check because of their conversations with immigration officials. He said, "I feel that I am close to being deported." A millimeter away."≌【plane】1mMW

According to CPI statistics, pork prices in Beijing increased by 9.3% month-on-month in November, while wholesale prices in Xinfadi market dropped from the previous month. Why is there such inconsistency?∑ALnXUP

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