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On the afternoon of December 7, thousands of Hong Kong citizens participated in the patriotic protection of Hong Kong and police support activities at the Garden of Harbour Road on Hong Kong Island. Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua On the afternoon of December 7, thousands of Hong Kong citizens participated in the activities of patriotic protection of Hong Kong and police support at the Garden of Harbour Road on Hong Kong Island. Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Zhihua⊙々The World Bank also said Beijing had asked the bank's International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to continue providing funding "as a platform for reform, institution building and knowledge transfer."⊥In the first 11 months, my country's general trade import and export reached 16.9 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.8%, accounting for 59.2% of my country's total import and export value, an increase of 1.4 percentage points over the same period last year. The structure of trade mode is more optimized. Just a few days ago, the China-Russia eastern natural gas pipeline was officially opened, which means that 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be transported to Northeast my country, North China and other places every year in the future. Heihe, the first stop of natural gas entry, will be opened for customs supervision on the first day. The volume is more than 10.26 million cubic meters.GhiLiL

China has always attached great importance to and resolutely cracked down on cross-border human trafficking. At the beginning of last month, China and ASEAN announced that they would establish a special team to closely work in combating human trafficking and exchange information and experience in handling cases quickly and effectively.iH9RyNear the end of the year, there is no progress in the name change of the suburbs of Tongling City, Anhui Province.cardano uniswap【take along】

4 ink paintings (valued at RMB 133,000)Deng Xueping, deputy director of Jingheng Lawyers Shanghai Office, said that the standard of personal injury compensation should be determined by laws or judicial interpretations at the national level. The standard set in the "Measures" issued by Hebei Province is a mediation standard. Litigation procedures are still subject to national standards.№In response to the unreasonable request of the Hong Kong opposition, Law Chiguang, the Secretary of the Civil Service Bureau of Hong Kong, clearly responded that it is "impossible". Luo Zhiguang said that the salary increase of civil servants will not separate Hong Kong police officers, which is unreasonable and unjust. Law Zhiguang pointed out that he understands that different people have different opinions on civil servants, but he also knows that Hong Kong citizens all agree with the Hong Kong police force, and the Hong Kong SAR government must act in accordance with the mechanism. If there are members who have opinions on the performance of individual police officers, they can seek follow-up procedures. is unreasonable.∏or2qoyZ

Original title: The State Council approved the establishment of county-level Huyanghe City, and the 130th Regiment of the 7th Division of the Government in Xinjiang Corps☆In addition, it was reported that the case was also related to the case of Taiwan's Mega Bank accepting counterfeit banknotes three years ago. In March 2016, Mega Bank was exchanged for more than 60 million New Taiwan dollars by customers with more than 2 million counterfeit U.S. dollar bills. Taiwan's "Criminal Bureau" reported the counterfeit banknotes to the U.S. Secret Service in Hong Kong. The initial inspection was similar to the counterfeit banknotes received by Mega Bank.≌【Khao Hoang】VztcHeD9

According to sources, the Kaohsiung City Council has reviewed and pre-examined on the 5th, and Wang Qianqiu has completed his phased tasks, and immediately submitted his resignation to the city government.∑xs7SbvdR

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