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On December 10, the National Bureau of Statistics announced that the CPI in November rose by 4.5% year-on-year and 0.4% month-on-month. The tight pork supply situation has eased, and the price has risen by 3.8% month-on-month, down 16.3 percentage points; but compared with the same period last year, pork prices have risen by 110.2%. The price of beef, mutton, chicken and duck increased by 1.3% to 4.3% month-on-month, the price of fresh fruit fell by 3.0% month-on-month, and the price of fresh vegetables increased by 1.4% month-on-month.

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On October 2, 2015 local time, the "Normandy Model" four-nation summit was held in Paris. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande held a joint press conference. /Visual China On October 2, 2015 local time, the "Normandy Model" four-nation summit was held in Paris. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Hollande held a joint press conference. /Visual China⊙々You said that this is also a cultural issue. We said Alipay, WeChat, but when someone outside of Europe chatted, he said how to protect my personal privacy with this payment, and what technology should be applied in his place. He is willing to adopt this method, because his system and his structure thinks about his personal protection, and in a situation that you don't understand at all, although it is fast and efficient, he thinks that he will be hurt.⊥Only by implementing common academic evaluation can talent plans and projects, including the "Changjiang Scholars" plan, get rid of the interference of "hats" and "titles".8piCEAGg

Image source: Ericsson statement screenshot Image source: Ericsson statement screenshotkeIghr"The Swedish telecommunications giant admits that in order to consolidate its telecommunications business, the company has been engaged in bribery in five countries for a long time... Ericsson's bribery involved many senior executives of the company for 17 years..." Assistant Director of the Criminal Bureau of the US Department of Justice Prosecutor Brian Banskovski said Dec. 7.bitcoin blockchain hack【snuggle】

Original title: Sichuan Province pays close attention to the issue of liquor business license agency rights and conducts a centralized investigation and strictly investigates the use of Wuliangye for private interestsEvery year, the Chinese characters voted by the people of Taiwan depict the intentions of the society on the island and the thoughts of the people. Just like the old Chinese saying - "people are doing, God is watching" and "people have their own steel scales", what impact and consequences the DPP's actions have brought to Taiwan's society and people, the people of Taiwan have their own hearts judge. Just like the Taiwanese director Ang Lee, who recommended the word "chaos" this year, he should be able to understand the innocence and helplessness of his ideals being trampled on by "Taiwan independence", so he hopes that the people of Taiwan can achieve the word "harmony" within a year: "Know each other. , respect each other, be kind, think about it for everyone, and live together."№During the chaos, police officers and passersby worked together to subdue one of the foreign men, while the other foreign man and the "tripper man" who were about 40 to 50 years old took the opportunity to flee.∏u4aMZJF

According to public information, brucellosis is generally transmitted through animal carcasses, hair, blood, etc., and almost no human-to-human transmission. The Animal Research Institute is the source of experimental animals for many universities in Lanzhou. According to its official website, its experimental animal center annually produces 60,000 mice, 2,000 guinea pigs, and 1,000 experimental rabbits for other scientific research, colleges and universities. Schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and other units provide experimental animals of different varieties, strains and levels.☆Lin Xibin introduced that in order to further facilitate the entry and exit of motor vehicles in Hengqin from Macao, Hengqin will officially issue electronic temporary entry motor vehicle licenses to Macau single-plate vehicles from November 29 this year, and the license plate validity period will be extended from 3 months to 1 year.≌【Tao Yu】ZGQUpa

China Taiwan Net, December 9th. The 2020 Taiwan leadership election has entered the countdown stage. The candidates are nervous, and the discussion among netizens on the island is also quite lively. According to Taiwan's "Zhongshi Electronic News" report, a few days ago, some people deliberately misled the supporters of Kuomintang candidate Han Guoyu and asked them to write the word "Han" on their ballots to avoid "doing" the vote count. Let the ballots become invalid. This move was scolded by netizens as "nonsense"!∑EJ3cb

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