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In addition, before the end of the year, the "Special Plan for the Spatial Layout of Pre-hospital Medical Emergency Facilities in Beijing" will be formulated and issued, and each township (street) in the city will have at least one emergency workstation. On this basis, strengthen the construction of emergency stations in areas with high population density such as Huitian and Yizhuang areas. In terms of resource allocation, at least one ambulance per 30,000 people should be met. Ambulances performing pre-hospital medical emergency tasks should be equipped with one doctor, one nurse, one driver and one stretcher, and have the ability to provide lifting services for critically ill patients.

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Picture of Academician Tian Gang, Peking University News Network Picture of Academician Tian Gang, Peking University News Network Picture⊙々On the one hand, more and more big cities are rising rapidly, providing people with more options; on the other hand, young people have increasingly diverse and rational selection criteria. How will these affect population mobility and urban development patterns?⊥Of course, new questions arise: If robots replace all nurses and kindergarten teachers, how will China's more than 1.3 billion people be employed? Scholars pointed out that the research and development direction of artificial intelligence is to undertake the dirtiest, most tiring and most difficult tasks, so that people can concentrate on creation, innovation, and brewing unique products. On the other hand, if robots replace humans in all fields, then we will only have to enjoy life and focus on leisure.hEUOMEjI

Original title: Another official who "does not believe in Marxism, Leninism and ghosts" was expelled from the party!iWWfENChina Taiwan Net, November 26th. Taiwan's 2020 Nationalist Party candidate Han Kuo Yu started a listening tour in Taitung today (26th). In his speech at Taitung's Tianhou Temple, he said that the DPP is superstitious in polls, and Tsai Ing-wen's polls It seems to be getting higher and higher, but it is getting farther and farther away from the hearts of the people.og btc binance【Inna】

Mu Xin said that behind the riots in Hong Kong, there are obvious shadows of Western forces. They have contributed to the flames. Some young people in Hong Kong who lack social experience are instigated by external forces to participate in violent attacks.Original title: Insufficient support from relatives and friends, Jiamusi reported 6 typical problems of ignoring and infringing on the interests of the masses№The Legislative Affairs Commission believes that the name of the latest national standard for the sixth stage is "Limits and Measurement Methods for Pollutant Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles" and "Limits and Measurement Methods for Pollutant Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles". The pollutants refer to the gaseous pollutants and particulate matter emitted from the tailpipe of the motor vehicle. In addition, it also includes other types of pollutants such as evaporative pollutants and pollutants during the refueling process other than those emitted from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. At present, the three places in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei have implemented this national standard.∏TpaS

First, there are no ethnic, religious or human rights issues in Xinjiang. These Western media accuse and attack the counter-terrorism and de-radicalization measures taken by the local government in Xinjiang. From 1990 to the end of 2016, thousands of violent terrorist incidents occurred in Xinjiang, causing a large number of innocent casualties and property losses. Since Xinjiang severely cracked down on violent terrorist crimes in accordance with the law and attached importance to the governance of the source, there has been no violent terrorist incident in the region for three consecutive years, social stability, ethnic unity, and people live and work in peace and contentment. According to the logic of some people, should the people of Xinjiang oppose such positive measures and would rather live in the shadow of extremist thoughts and violent terrorist acts?☆Original title: First public release! Beijing's administrative state-owned assets "brighten the family's wealth"≌【be stupid】4tqqBA9R

The staff guides vehicles and charges the toll booth inside and outside the toll booth. The toll booth that was damaged before has been completely repaired. The staff guides vehicles and charges the toll booth inside and outside the toll booth. The toll booth that was damaged before has been completely repaired.∑DurTB1V

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