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2022-08-12 20:02:11 arweave ecology
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Original title: News: Zhu Fenglian, the new spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, appeared today⊙々In view of this, some students from the Sheffield Chinese Students' Federation have drafted a counter-proposal, which will be submitted to the Student Union in the near future. The counter-proposal states that democracy should not consist of only a few "people with particular views." The Student Union should not make public statements or take sides, should protect the safety of all Xie students, should encourage students to engage in peaceful and rational debate, and condemn all violence in the Hong Kong demonstrations. The Federation of Students also reminds international students that they can express their thoughts reasonably and legally, but they must abide by the law, strengthen their awareness of prevention and pay attention to personal safety, and do not give opportunities to those who are interested.⊥In November 2007, Zhao Liping forcibly took a stake in a construction project of a community in Fengzhen with false homestead procedures. Without reaching a demolition compensation agreement with the residents at the original site, Zhao Liping employed social idlers and used violent means to force the demolition, resulting in long-term petitions by the residents who were forcibly demolished.jmWi

Original title: Since last year, 6,358 people who violated the eight regulations of the central government have been dealt with, including 2 at the provincial and ministerial levelM2llZStrengthen the overall protection of the Three Mountains and Five Gardensarweave ecology【stab】

(2) Improve the system and mechanism. To promote the modernization of social governance, the system and mechanism have an overall and fundamental role. The first is to improve the leadership system of the party committee that oversees the overall situation and coordinates all parties. The social governance system is a complex system composed of many subsystems, the core of which is the leadership of the party. It is necessary to give full play to the role of the party in overseeing the overall situation and coordinating all parties, promoting the integration of social governance into the entire process of economic and social development, coordinating the efforts of all parties to coordinate actions, and urging various social governance work to cooperate with each other in terms of policy orientation, promote each other in the process of advancement, Complement each other in actual effect. Promote the in-depth integration of grassroots party building and grassroots governance, actively explore the channels and carriers of grassroots party organizations' political leadership, organizational leadership, and mechanism leadership, and closely focus on grassroots party organizations to build public service circles, mass autonomy circles, and social co-governance circles. The second is to improve the linkage, integration, intensive and efficient government responsibility system. How the government plays a role in social governance is directly related to the effectiveness of social governance. It is necessary to focus on promoting the optimization, coordination and efficiency of the functional system of national institutions, and improve the government governance system and mechanism. Horizontally, break down the shortcomings of departmental division and separate governance, establish a mechanism for information exchange, resource sharing, and work linkage, and realize the integration of social governance resources, power integration, function aggregation, and means integration. Vertically, the problems of top-heavy and poor communication have been eliminated, and a governance system with strong upper-level coordination, efficient middle-level operation, and strong and solid grass-roots level has been established, so as to improve the ability to respond quickly and accurately. The third is to improve the social coordination system of openness, diversity, mutual benefit and win-win results. The responsibility of social governance lies in the government, the vitality lies in the society, and the potential lies in the market. It is necessary to innovate and improve the policy system that encourages multiple parties to participate in social governance, build interactive platforms and carriers, establish an interactive mechanism between the government and society, and mobilize all parties to participate in social governance. Give play to the role of the market mechanism, improve the mechanism for government procurement of services, encourage and guide enterprises and institutions to enter the field of public services, and improve the level and efficiency of public service supply. Actively cultivate non-profit, service, and mutual-aid social organizations, support the development of industry associations, chambers of commerce, and social organizations, so that the micro-governance of thousands of social organizations can release great energy. The fourth is to improve the public participation system in which everyone fulfills their responsibilities and everyone enjoys it. The people are the main body of social governance. We must focus on building a platform and carrier for mass participation, broaden the channels for mass participation, improve the mass participation mechanism, and maximize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of mass participation. Establish and improve a system that unifies rights and obligations, links risks and responsibilities, and pays equal attention to incentives and punishments, and builds a community of social governance in which everyone is responsible, responsible, and enjoyed by everyone.On November 27th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held the launching ceremony of the official service of "Number Porting" nationwide. From November 27th, number portability officially provides services nationwide. Under the number portability policy, eligible users can freely choose operators while their numbers remain unchanged; telecom service operators are not allowed to interfere with users' independent choice.№Original title: Exclusive video: When CGTN reporters took to the streets of Hong Kong, what they saw. . .∏ioMeUKA

If the conditions are not met for the time being, it will be processed according to the content of the SMS reply.☆2. Key revisions≌【spring robbery】QwEDJ

Original title: Violent protesters in Hong Kong gave students high school explosives, high school students brought explosives back to school and asked teachers "what is this"∑IDON

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