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In October, the "Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Jiaxing City" was approved by the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress. This regulation prohibits behaviors such as bowing their heads and playing mobile phones to cross the road. "Pedestrians who browse hand-held electronic devices or play when passing through intersections or crossing roads shall be warned or fined between five yuan and fifty yuan." As early as January 1 this year, Wenzhou, Zhejiang passed legislation to become the first city in the country to impose laws and regulations on crossing the road with one's head down while playing with a mobile phone.

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A better way is to learn from what China has done over the past 30 years, which is to create enough space to bring in foreign capital and technology, and to draw on experience and inspiration from joint ventures.⊙々After changing a new job, returning to their hometown to start a business, being attracted by the "people-snatching war", and the overall relocation of their company... Many people come to work and live in new cities. The first thing to do when settling down is to modify the "delivery address" of the express delivery. The change of delivery address reflects the trend of population migration in China from the side.⊥"He hopes that Zhao Liping will have something to do, and maybe he will be more peaceful." The relevant censorship investigator told reporters.xvVrVxF

Cong Luoluo, chairman of the Social Construction Committee of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress, introduced that the "Beijing Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations (Draft)" is based on the ranking results generally recognized by public opinion surveys, and tries to delimit the scope of legal and moral adjustment through legislation by summarizing and enumerating. .zUUfISsHengshui Middle School | Announcementsusdt token address bsc【what to see】

On September 13, 2018, Mai Weibin's alleged bribery case was held in Haikou Intermediate Court. Haikou City Procuratorate accused Mai Weibin of taking advantage of his position to accept bribes of 5.35 million yuan, 750,000 Hong Kong dollars, 18,000 US dollars, 10,000 Australian dollars, and 60,000 yuan shopping cards, totaling more than 6 million yuan. After trial, the court found that Mai Weibin, as a state functionary, took advantage of his position to accept bribes from multiple people for many times. The criminal facts and charges charged by the procuratorate. During the trial of the case, Mai Weibin's wife, Cen Mou, returned 55,000 yuan of stolen money to the court on behalf of Mai Weibin, paid a fine of 600,000 yuan, and fulfilled a security deposit of 600,000 yuan. More than 2.7 million yuan was returned for Mai Weibin.During the trial, Mai Weibin's defender argued that the 2 million yuan that Chen kept on his behalf should not be regarded as bribery, and Mai Weibin constituted a voluntary surrender and other defense opinions. The trial judge immediately rejected the first opinion of the defender, and believed that Chen proposed to send Mai Weibin RMB 2 million. Mai Weibin was afraid that there would be risks and let Chen keep it on his behalf. In fact, Mai Weibin had actual control over the 2 million yuan. right. Therefore, the defender's defense opinion is not tenable. Mai Weibin's defense that he constituted surrender was established, and the court accepted it. Mai Weibin had no objection to the charges and the facts of the crime charged by the prosecutor, and expressed his guilty plea and repentance.№After Chen gave Mai Weibin the first huge sum of money, he pondered over and over again that he would have to rely on this big tree to contract the project to make a fortune, so he must give Secretary Mai another surprise. However, in order to prevent Mr. Mai from becoming suspicious, he had to find a suitable opportunity to send it again. Coincidentally, when Chen Mou was playing with Mai Weibin, he accidentally heard that Mai Weibin's son was going abroad, so he took this opportunity to tell Mai Weibin that he would spend another 2 million yuan for Mai Weibin's son to go abroad. pin. "This risk is too great. I'll take what you want, but it's inconvenient to take so much money. You can keep the money for me first, and you'll talk about it when you use it." Mai Weibin and Chen Mou whispered.∏vsnPYD

Sun Shaofeng, general manager of the Lunan High-speed Railway Corporation, said that the opening of the Lunan high-speed railway will organically connect the eastern coastal channel and the central channel in Shandong, and connect the eastern and southern regions of Shandong to the national channel, which greatly shortens the time. When Shandong connects to the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" to the north, connects to the "Yangtze River Delta" to the south, and connects to the "Central Plains City Cluster" to the west. "The Lunan high-speed railway connects the people of southern Lu and the people of the Central Plains, and can facilitate the travel of 35 million people."☆According to a report by the Daily Economic News on November 26, Wang Shi, the honorary chairman of Vanke's board of directors, revealed at his new book sharing meeting that Vanke's upcoming annual report is very good. Affected by this news, Vanke's A shares and H shares both rose sharply on Monday (25th).≌【sleepy day】FxWU11GQ

As there are few judges left in the Appellate Body and the selection has been blocked for a long time, the dispute settlement mechanism, regarded as the "crown jewel" of the World Trade Organization (WTO), is likely to be paralyzed in early December this year, which makes the WTO reform more urgent than ever.∑71SGp

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