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In Xiongan New Area, the City Exchange Center (CEC) is a parking lot in layman's terms. The total construction area of the 4 temporary CECs during the construction period to be built this time is 98,700 square meters, which is equivalent to about 14 standard football fields, and contains a total of 4,890 motor vehicle parking spaces. The construction period of the project is 180 days, and as a temporary facility, all demolition work will be completed within 30 days after the end of the project operation period. Since the functional positioning of the "construction period" of the four temporary CECs is very clear, this means that the Xiongan New Area may soon enter the stage of full-scale construction with tower cranes in full swing.

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In November this year, Japanese media reported that Dutch semiconductor supplier ASML had terminated the supply of SMIC's extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines. Most of ASML's stakeholders pointed out that ASML was to avoid supplying the most advanced equipment. To China, worried about the stimulus to the United States, decided to temporarily suspend delivery.⊙々"The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked." Mai Chengbiao took discipline and rules as a joke, and the upward must be effective, and there were subordinates imitating and flattering, which seriously deteriorated the official atmosphere. The political ecology that should have been clean and upright has become a trading ground for their own personal interests.⊥Wang Jiang's resumeaqs0

"Blue Committee" Li Yanxiu questioned that the amount of subsidy received by Yang Huiru increased year by year with the holding of the seven coordination meetings. "Why did Yang Huiru get so many subsidies?" Li Mingxian also took out Zhang Jialing's Facebook screenshot, Zhang Jialing invited Yang Huiru to participate in the birthday party, the two looked like best friends, and Zhang Jialing also wrote "My birthday is hi" on the dynamic!R9Mzu9WJAs a party member, you should be honest and self-disciplined, but your mind is full of money and lust; as the person who is the first responsible for managing the party, you should strictly manage cadres, but you are not upright and bring a bad group of cadres.filecoin owner【Blind Rao】

As for other crimes, there was also an astonishing increase. Possession of tools for illegal purposes increased from 10 to 152; arson also tripled compared with the same period last year, with a total of 306 cases. Received 1,860 fire calls related to mass gatherings. In addition, there were 3,064 cases of torture, an increase of 92%; the number of cases of possession of offensive weapons increased to 289. In addition, in Hong Kong society in the past six months, "privacy" has become a trend. During the period, there were 387 cases of wounding and 1,392 cases of serious assault, both increased by more than 10%, and the number of assault cases increased by 1.57 times.'Terrorism tried to destroy Xinjiang'№North China Air Traffic Control reminded passengers that due to aircraft defrosting operations and low visibility weather, the flight schedules of Capital Airport and Daxing Airport have changed a lot today. Passengers are advised to pay close attention to weather changes and flight dynamics, and make travel arrangements in a timely manner.∏kOxHX

On December 8, People's Daily and CCTV both published commentary articles on Xinjiang.☆Today, the flight plans of Capital Airport and Daxing Airport have changed a lot.≌【trumpet】AnrBj

Xinjiang Oriental Hope New Energy Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 120,000 tons of polysilicon project, relying on the local rich silica and coal resources and the region's own power generation advantages, officially launched the new silicon material and supporting industry construction project in Wucaiwan Industrial Park, Jimusar County, Xinjiang. The project uses industrial silicon as raw material to further extend the new energy industry chain downwards, transforming Xinjiang's resource advantages and technological advantages into economic advantages. After the project is completed, it will play a supporting and leading role in the optimization and upgrading of the local industrial structure, and will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the country's new materials and new energy industries.∑ayz9sT

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