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2022-04-29 05:08:12 solana network chart
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The provincial government will set up the main venue, and the municipal and county governments and the provincial emergency management department will set up branch venues.

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Data map: Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court. China News Agency issued Xu Zhiyi's data map: Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court. Photo by Xu Zhiyi issued by China News Agency⊙々The Shandong Provincial People's Government has set up a rescue headquarters with 10 working groups including on-site rescue. The rescue work is being carried out in an orderly manner. At present, four rescue teams from Yankuang Group, Xinkuang Group, Fertilizer Group and Zikuang Group have been mobilized. , 12 teams, a total of 144 professional rescuers participated in the rescue, and the fire point was 200 meters behind the trapped people. According to the requirements of the headquarters, the rescuers are taking measures such as ventilation, cooling, and fire extinguishing. At present, they are close to the fire point and continue to use high-pressure water guns and inert gases to extinguish the fire. Due to the high temperature of the underground rescue site and the high concentration of toxic and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, the rescue is extremely difficult. The underground fire-fighting robot, high-foam fire-fighting and other equipment have been mobilized. The robot is preparing to go down the well and physically cool it with ice cubes. Ice cubes have been delivered8 Ton.⊥Hong Kong District Council elections are about to kick off on the 24th. The newly appointed Commissioner of Police, Deng Bingqiang, told the media on the 22nd that the police will conduct "high-profile patrols" near various polling stations on the 24th, and have formulated different plans to deal with possible violence and misconduct. This election comes at a time when Hong Kong is in a period of severe social unrest due to the "revision turmoil", and there have been many incidents of thugs threatening voters and some lawmakers before. People from all walks of life in Hong Kong encourage voters to bravely cast their votes in the streets to ensure a fair election.oHTdD

Original title: Taiwan Railway's "Ziqiang" accidentally hit a car accident has caused the two-way suspension of Taiwan Railway90pIgKaqWhat is the difference between the selection and selection of civil servants and the national examination?solana network chart【Okay】

According to a report by "Canadian Television Network" (CTV) on the 22nd, at the Halifax International Security Forum held in Canada that day, Forum Chairman Peter Van Praagh and Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajan (Harjit Sajjan) presided over the opening ceremony, with frequent references to China.Police arrest 12-year-old thug Police arrest 12-year-old thug№In addition, strengthen the tracking and monitoring of pig production and market, feed production, etc. Recently, for provinces with a large decline in the production of live pigs, they have strengthened supervision and further compaction of local responsibilities through letters, interviews and other methods. At the same time, organize and conduct a thorough investigation of the frozen meat inventory of slaughtering enterprises, conduct a comprehensive inspection of live pig slaughtering enterprises with cold storage in the country, find out the inventory of frozen pork, and urge localities to standardize quarantine work. Strengthen information release and release authoritative information in the middle of every month.∏qqYPVh

"A slip of a step turns hatred into eternity"☆Original title: Xu Can successfully defended the world champion≌【lure vinegar】A2Yleh

Original title: After Zhejiang Longgang was withdrawn from the town and established as a city, the former secretary of the party committee and the mayor of the town planned to be promoted and appointed∑MU8e4D

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