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Reference News Network reported on December 2 that Wang Liqiang, a self-proclaimed "Chinese spy", applied for political asylum to the Australian government and accepted an exclusive interview with Australian media, which attracted the attention of foreign media. However, it took Australian security agencies less than a week to conclude that Wang Liqiang was not a "high-level agent" turned "defect", as he himself claimed.

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Kim Taeyeon, chairman of the operation committee of the Korea Automobile Industry Association, told that from the previous point of view, many multinational car companies, including Korean companies, are producing new energy vehicles in China, and many factors are affected by the "double points" policy and other policy levels. As the Chinese government has launched a development plan on the development of the new energy vehicle industry and at the market level, this has also effectively increased the confidence of more multinational car companies to develop new energy vehicles, and is conducive to increasing the investment of multinational car companies, which will be more closely aligned with local car companies. Car companies jointly develop the potential of this industry.⊙々Although there is a view that the continuous improvement of basic medical insurance will have a crowding-out effect on commercial health insurance, from the current stage and in the medium and long term in the future, the synergistic effect between the two is far greater than the substitution effect, and there is great room for cooperation. to squeeze out space.⊥The article said that China is catching up with the United States with its technological strength. Ten years ago, the world's major Internet platforms were all American companies, but now six of the top ten companies are Chinese companies.FMXUBOoq

Zhejiang Jiaxing City Fire Rescue Detachment mobilized 4 duty squadrons, 16 vehicles, 84 fire commanders, and 5 full-time fire brigade, a total of 5 vehicles and 30 full-time firefighters, to the scene to carry out rescue.kgwFwOriginal title: China Telecom responded to writer Liuliu's complaint: is actively communicating with the situationcoinbase pro customer service phone number【Phlegm Yun】

Article 136 of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" clearly states that party members and leading cadres do not pay attention to the construction of family style, and if their spouses, children and their spouses are disregarded and uneducated, causing adverse effects or serious consequences, they shall be given warnings or serious warnings; the circumstances are serious. , shall be given the sanction of removal from positions within the Party.On December 1, the "Vaccine Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as the Vaccine Administration Law) came into effect.№Original title: Official: The pilot live pig transfer measures in the central and southern regions will not become an additional price increase factor∏d9wDz

High-speed railway passenger passage☆This morning, Deng Bingqiang, the new "first brother" of the Hong Kong police, once angrily denounced the rioters using a pit cover (sewage manhole cover) to attack the public to clear the barrier, "killing people in minutes". He reiterated that he has four goals since he took office as the Commissioner of Police, including stopping violence and chaos, being prepared for natural disasters, better supporting frontline colleagues, and uniting social forces.≌【pox pack】SvDmCNN

Sheng Songcheng said that the third problem that the real estate market needs to pay attention to is the imbalance of land supply allocation, especially the land supply structure in first-tier cities. "According to the 2016 data I compiled, the three first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou accounted for 28.75%, 28.51%, and 31.87% of the urban construction land area, all around 30%, while New York reached 42%, and Tokyo The urban circle even reached 47.6%.”∑ORb3J

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