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Going against thugs becomes 'extremely dangerous' thing⊙々"If you have one or two bottles left after receiving the merchants, take them back yourself." According to Zhang Hui, during his tenure as the head of the Yibin Municipal Government's Chengdu Office and the general manager of Wuliangye Hotel, he would receive merchants many times. The unused wines were owned by them, and successively occupied 26 pieces and 156 bottles of 52-degree ordinary Wuliangye wine, 3 pieces and 18 bottles of Wuliangye old wine, and 6 bottles of Wuliangye small zodiac wine, with a total value of more than 150,000 yuan.⊥The Air Transport Licensing Authority said it reviewed the latest financial information and representations of Hong Kong Airlines. In accordance with the new conditions imposed by the Air Transport Licensing Authority, Hong Kong Airlines has increased its cash and deemed cash on hand to the level set by the Air Transport Licensing Authority, and pledged to continue to maintain these levels. At the same time, the Air Transport Licensing Authority also reviewed the information submitted by Hong Kong Airlines on the additional new condition that "it must ensure that the funds set by the Air Transport Licensing Authority can be injected by the deadline or before (or provide other solutions to the satisfaction of the Air Transport Licensing Authority)". And asked Hong Kong Airlines to further submit more specific details.jXNdg

In 2002, the United Nations Security Council officially listed the "East Turkestan Islamic Movement" as a terrorist organization, and in December 2003, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security designated it as a terrorist organization.oHOLZZbkIf the administrative agreement stipulates that the defendant is obliged to perform the approval procedures, but the defendant fails to perform, and the plaintiff requests the defendant to bear the compensation liability, the people's court shall support it.binance bridge iota【have to pay】

China Economic Weekly-Economic Net News On December 9, Huawei Voices released a summary of an interview with Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei to Canada's Globe and Mail on December 2. Ren Zhengfei said in an interview that Meng Wanzhou's open letter on December 2 was inappropriate, "People all over the country are busy working, creating wealth, and striving to improve their income, so they can't spend too much energy to feel with her. "The graduate students reported that animals were needed for experiments, and they would take them to the Laboratory Animal Center. "If you lead a mouse, sometimes one, sometimes several hundred."№Original title: 36 administrative villages have become "black households" due to the withdrawal of villages in Yulin, Shaanxi, and the problem has not been solved for more than a year∏iotk8TQ

The economic growth rate of the 400 sample counties (cities) fell more sharply than that of the whole country. In 2018, the total GDP of the 400 sample counties (cities) was 20.2 trillion yuan, an actual year-on-year increase of 7.03%, a drop of 0.54 percentage points compared to the growth rate in 2017, and a drop of only 0.2 percentage points nationwide.☆Original title: Hong Kong Air Transport Licensing Authority decides not to revoke Hong Kong Airlines Licence temporarily≌【Steep Potassium】guXsU5ny

After trial, the court found that since 2000, the defendant Ma Moujun had been indulging in the fantasy of making a fortune overnight by winning lottery prizes. He spent more than 8 million yuan on lottery tickets. In addition to the winning money, he had a total debt of more than 2 million yuan. In order to fill the gap, Ma Moujun asked family members and friends to borrow money many times, and used his name to collect money from certificate holders.∑Nr6YeK6

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