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Xinhua News Agency, Macau, Dec. 8. Title: Promoting the practice of "one country, two systems" in Macau will be stable and far-reaching - an interview with the Chief Executive-designate of the Macau Special Administrative Region, Ho Iat Seng

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Conscientiously implement the spirit of the Central Committee's "Notice on Coordinating and Standardizing Supervision, Inspection and Evaluation Work", and comprehensively clean up the inspection and inspection items. More than 50% of the requirements, the provincial, city and county levels should formulate annual plans, implement total control, and coordinate and standardize implementation. The provincial party committee will promote General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions, central inspection, supervision and inspection feedback, poverty alleviation and other 11 aspects, and 31 major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee to implement supervision and inspection. Supervise and supervise, take the lead in reducing supervision matters. 14 municipal and provincial units benchmarked against the requirements of the central and provincial party committees. A total of 3,156 supervision, inspection and assessment work items were sorted out, 1,829 were cancelled, 605 were merged, and 722 were retained. The provincial and municipal levels carried out supervision, inspection and assessment items. A year-on-year decrease of more than 77%. Among them, the provincial-level supervision, inspection and assessment items were reduced to 45 items, a year-on-year decrease of more than 80%.⊙々Gaoming District immediately established the "12.5" forest fire scene headquarters. Xu Dongtao, secretary of the district party committee, served as the chief commander, district chief Liang Yaobin served as the executive deputy commander, and relevant district leaders served as deputy commanders. The headquarters consists of mass evacuation groups, 11 special teams, including rescue force group, fire observation group, terrain guide group, warning and diversion group, medical group, and expert group, strengthen the overall command and rapid deployment of resources from all parties, concentrate on carrying out rescue work, and strive to control and extinguish as soon as possible fire.⊥“Support could include mentoring, psychological support, theological and ideological advice.”zW3f

Great Wall Securities stated in the announcement that in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the company's articles of association, the independent directors of Great Wall Securities expressed relevant independent opinions based on the position of seeking truth from facts and independent judgment, with a scientific and rigorous working attitude, and the company removed Mr. Zhu Jun as vice president. The position will not affect the normal operation of the company and the normal development of related work. The independent directors of the company agree to the "Proposal on Removing Mr. Zhu Jun from the Position of Vice President".sOXXFEFRelying on provincial drug bidding and procurement agencies, promote the construction of regional and national drug alliance procurement mechanisms, unify coding, standards and functional specifications, and promote information interconnection, resource sharing, and policy linkage. Deepen "decentralization, regulation and service", and on the basis of respecting market rules and the independent pricing power of operators, comprehensively use monitoring and early warning, letter inquiries and interviews, reminders and warnings, cost investigations, credit evaluation, information disclosure and other means to establish and improve drug prices. Normalize the supervision mechanism to promote operators to strengthen price self-discipline.dogecoin binance coin【drag surname】

Original title: The maximum fine is 1,000 yuan. Beijing will increase the punishment for the underpayment of road parking fees next year.pick up a hoe№The Cherry Professional Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association launched the 2019/20 cherry wholesale season in China's largest fruit wholesale market-Guangzhou Jiangnonghui Wholesale Market Photo by Guo Jun, the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association Cherry Professional Committee The largest fruit wholesale market in China—— Guangzhou Jiangnonghui Wholesale Market launches 2019/20 cherry wholesale season photo by Guo Jun∏7LqFp

Video - Ho Kwan-yao, the assassinated Hong Kong Legislative Council member, returned to campaign this morning☆Fourth, the housing loan interest, including the title certificate and loan contract.≌【Kai Zhai】aOSp

This is the number of Hong Kong police officers injured and the reasons for the injuries, including knife wounds, corrosive liquid burns, fractures, severe burns, bow and arrow injuries, etc.∑DwnU

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