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In the past, some lower-level departments did not pay much attention to the status of the supervision department, and in fact the strength of the supervision department at that time was not strong. But it is different now. The supervision department is very authoritative, and it is almost impossible for the supervised unit to cross the supervision department to communicate directly with the leaders. Under normal circumstances, as long as the supervision department feels that the following procedures are not good, they can call back and do it again.

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In the end, the commanders and fighters of the Zhaitang Fire Squadron successfully transported the injured to the foot of the mountain and handed them over to 120 for treatment.⊙々To strengthen the construction of agricultural science and technology socialized service system, we must focus on increasing the effective supply of agricultural science and technology services and strengthening the connection between supply and demand, aiming at improving the efficiency of agricultural science and technology services, promoting the service innovation of agricultural technology extension institutions, and strengthening the service functions of universities and research institutes , strengthen the market-oriented socialized service force, and accelerate the construction of an agricultural science and technology socialized service system that is open to competition, diversified and complementary, and coordinated and efficient.⊥How thick is the "family" of state-owned assets in this city this year? The comprehensive report shows that at the end of 2018, the total assets of state-owned enterprises in the city were 7,359.10 billion yuan, the total liabilities were 4,894.84 billion yuan, and the owner's equity was 2,464.26 billion yuan, and the owner's equity attributable to the parent company was 1,707.10 billion yuan. The asset-liability ratio was 66.5%.KHEWw

Original title: "North and South Ships" merged! The world's largest shipbuilding group - China State Shipbuilding Corporation was establishedzPD2Lu Yan said that next, Beijing will fully implement the "Special Action Plan for the Construction of Beautiful Villages (2018-2020)", and continue to promote "cleaning, controlling chaos, increasing green, and controlling pollution", rural planning, sewage treatment, and garbage management. , "Toilet Revolution", "Four Good Rural Roads", demolition of illegal houses, renovation of dilapidated houses, coal-to-clean energy and other series of indicators and tasks are collected one by one, more than 90% of the public toilets in administrative villages meet the standards of three categories or above, and 98% of households The toilets meet the requirements of sanitary toilets, 99% of the domestic waste in administrative villages is treated, and the coverage rate of rural sewage treatment facilities in villages has reached more than 50%. , a total of 1000 capital green villages have been created.usdt address on polygon【here】

Original title: US lawmakers call on Trump to sign the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act", Geng Shuang: Don't waste American taxpayers' money and make troubleIt is evident that the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee attaches great importance to the training of non-party cadres!№The Governor of Chang'an Street noted that in February last year, US President Trump signed the "Act to Clarify the Legal Use of Data Outside the Territory" (commonly known as the "Cloud Act"). Under the bill, the White House has the power to require companies operating in the United States to turn over data — even if the data is stored in other countries.∏w2UZUTV

Inquiry 4☆In the past two days, a liar named Wang Liqiang, by falsely calling himself a "Chinese spy", not only became a guest of the Australian media, intelligence agencies, and even more Western media, playing them like monkeys. Just when the whole Chinese people were watching this liar, another woman who was also hyped by the Western media as a "Chinese spy" was far from being treated like this.≌【internal time】2lRL

Procuratorial organs are the legal supervision organs clearly stipulated in the Constitution. Procuratorial supervision is not for zero-sum game, the goal of supervising and being supervised, but to practice people-centered and strive to make the people feel fair and just in every judicial case. process. It is the responsibility of the procuratorate to strengthen legal supervision and maintain judicial justice. On July 9, 2018, after Xu Yalin was sentenced for bribery, embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds, abuse of power, unknown source of huge property, and concealment of overseas deposits, Xu Yalin did not appeal, and the first-instance judgment of the case took effect. The first-instance judgment of Xu Yalin's case clearly identified Xu Yalin's bribery, embezzlement, unknown source of huge amount of property, concealing the facts of the crime of overseas deposits and the amount of criminal proceeds. The undertaker comprehensively reviewed the documentary evidence, testimony of witnesses, and confessions of the defendant in the Xu Yakun case, and then based on the "Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Law in the Trial of Money Laundering and Other Criminal Cases" and the determination of the judgment in the Xu Yalin case, they are convinced that our None of the three questions to think about is a problem. During the second-instance trial, Xu Yakun expressed no new opinions in the final statement stage.∑gzlA8

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