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Original title: Chinese Ambassador to France: People in Western countries do not have a complete understanding of the situation in Xinjiang

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According to a report by Hong Kong News on the 12th, in the early morning of September 1, the giant panda "Mengmeng" in Germany gave birth to a pair of twin panda cubs at the Berlin Zoo in Germany. Some Western media and overseas anti-China forces, in order to create a public opinion offensive to smear China's Hong Kong policy, even reached out to the giant panda baby. Germany's "Daily Mirror" launched a vote for its readers for the giant panda cubs, and encouraged the two panda cubs to be named "Xiang" and "Hong Kong". However, this "real" vote was confirmed to have only 70 participants, but it was abruptly hyped as an "international event".⊙々Taiwan's Far Eastern Airlines announced today that due to the company's long-term losses and difficulties in raising funds, the company has decided to stop all flights from December 13, 2019. Far Eastern Airlines currently has 62 domestic, cross-strait, and regional routes, navigating to 47 cities. The flight range covers Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and other Asian regions. Among them, there are 6 routes within the island, namely Songshan-Kinmen, Songshan-Penghu, Kaohsiung-Kinmen, Kaohsiung-Penghu, Taichung-Kinmen, Taichung-Penghu.⊥The Chinese women's volleyball team won the 10th "World Three World Series" championship in team history The Chinese women's volleyball team won the 10th "World Three World Series" championship in team historyLRjdl

You know in the late 90s, the US passed the Iraq Freedom Act, the Syria Freedom Act, the Libya Liberation Act. What legislation like this is meant to do is to establish a baseline upon which to build and to get further and further down the road of US intervention and sanctions.VUVaQahSun Wenjian said that in the next step, the Ministry of Transport will accelerate the joint commissioning and testing, the issuance of truck ETCs, and policy clean-up and regulation in accordance with the established work arrangements, so as to ensure that the task of withdrawing from the station is completed on schedule and with high quality.aave v3 fantom【flail】

The "Sentinel Group" is the most active and sends out tens of thousands of messages in a single dayChina Taiwan Net, December 12th. Chairman of the Taiwan People's Party and Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe publicly stated yesterday (11th) that he may compete for the leadership of the Taiwan region in 2024. Soong Chuyu, chairman of the People's First Party and candidate for the leadership of the Taiwan region in 2020, said, "Let's do things well in 2020 first." The most concerned thing at the moment is whether Taiwan can survive the serious challenges next year, rather than pursuing the sky in 4 years. Caixia, it is better to take root now.№According to the "Liberation Army Daily" published on December 12: Comrade Song Bingnan (Old Red Army), a retired cadre in the Beijing Garrison District and former vice-principal of the First Naval Surface Naval School (Old Red Army), died in Beijing on September 11, 2019 due to illness. , at the age of 99.∏MZbV

In addition to the troops stationed in Australia, the troops stationed in Hong Kong are also commanded by the leaders of the Southern Theater Command.☆Choose a long-distance release plan≌【Luan Lin】y7lRH4

The first question is, when does China expect to reach a phased agreement? Does China expect the US to postpone the additional tariffs scheduled for December 15? The second question is, will China mainly focus on lowering the tariff rate or canceling the tariff in stages during the negotiation? The third question is, if the US imposes additional tariffs on December 15, how will China react?∑1VXPWH7D

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