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This year's government work report is clear

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6. Refined oil⊙々The 1st is World AIDS Day. As of the end of October this year, a total of 958,000 HIV-infected people have been reported alive across the country, and the overall epidemic continues to be at a low level.⊥2019.01-2019.06 Deputy Secretary-General of Lishui Municipal People's Government (director level), Member of the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Government Officeazy3hd

For example, commercial health insurance provides supplementary medical insurance for the poor in many places, which greatly reduces the burden of medical expenses for poor people who have been registered and registered. Changchun Changsheng Vaccine Incident Compensation Fund.nAB8Original title: The new area of Shanghai Free Trade Zone will explore the free inflow and outflow and free exchange of capital in the areabinance api currency pairs【filth】

For the first time, Shandong Binzhou officials proposed to build a science and technology university.The incident section is the construction area of Shahe Station of Metro Line 11. During the construction process, the ground collapsed, causing losses and impacts to the production and life of the people. We sincerely apologize. At present, all efforts are being made to rescue the trapped people (three missing in total).№Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed rail from Shangqiu to Hefei∏3nhZ

Data map of Hong Kong Disneyland from "The Wall Street Journal" Hong Kong Disneyland Data map from "The Wall Street Journal"☆Today is December 1, the last month of 2019. There is good news today that three high-speed railway lines are in operation (the Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed railway from Shangqiu to Hefei, the Zhengzhou-Xiangyang section of the Zhengzhou-Chongqing high-speed railway, and the Zhengzhou-Fuyang high-speed railway). Let's see what the anchor Gangqiang has to say about it.≌【Okasa】89nb8

Since the signing of the "Guangfo Intra-city Construction Cooperation Framework Agreement" in 2009, the Guang-Fo city has gone through a full ten years. Today, the first intercity subway in China, the Guangfo Line, has been in operation for 9 years, and the average daily passenger flow has risen from 100,000 at the beginning to the current 540,000. The goal of a 30-minute life circle in the same city of Guangfo.∑l0b0dRU

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