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The draft for comments also clarifies which scenarios are not applicable to the collection service. Collection agencies shall take effective measures to control the applicable scenarios of the collection business. In addition to the applicable scenarios of the collection business, through the negative list method, it is stipulated that the collection business shall not be used for various investment and financing transactions, foreign exchange transactions, equity crowdfunding, and P2P network lending. , as well as various trading venues (platforms) and e-commerce platforms for payment services. Experts believe that these services are handled through other payment methods with higher transaction verification intensity, which are more conducive to ensuring the safety of user funds.

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Wu Kongming analyzed that next year, the control pattern of Spodoptera frugiperda in my country will change, and the rapid northward migration may be advanced to March-April, and it will occur in a large area.⊙々Take a closer look and enjoy⊥Beijing News Express (Reporter Gao Yang) In response to the current problems of harmful information dissemination and advertisements in some educational mobile applications, on December 10, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education issued a notice to carry out the filing of educational mobile Internet applications, requiring all kinds of education APP, WeChat official account, applet, H5 and other educational mobile applications shall be filed as required.s6e6zMXt

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In July 2019, the Guang'an District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision gave Ren Ji a serious warning within the party."The wounded's left calf was not completely severed, and the local part was infected, so debridement and amputation were required. The wounded lost too much blood and must be transfused immediately!" Lin Peng, an orthopedic doctor at the formation ambulance center, conducted a scientific and meticulous diagnosis on the wounded.№Original title: World View | Behind Li Ziqi's popularity all over the world∏ozVdsQh

Wu Yiqiang, platoon leader of a clothing company in the Macao garrison: Report to the commander that a suspicious man was found breaking into the camp at Damengang, and he quickly requested support!☆Original title: Dialogue with Su Yuankui, head of the Chongqing bombing claim: It is expected that the case will still be lost, and the focus is on action≌【Mo Yong】ybE8sUL

Not long ago, China submitted a revised draft of the concession table in the domestic regulatory negotiations for trade in services, covering all the sectors that have made commitments. In this specific negotiation, we did not seek the use of special and differential treatment for developing members, including transitional periods, although we believe that special and differential treatment is an integral part of domestic regulatory negotiations and is critical to some other developing members important. In other WTO negotiations in the future, China will continue to deal with the issue of special and differential treatment in a pragmatic and responsible manner, and will not pursue flexibility that it does not need, but will never give up its due institutional rights in advance.∑VjyjBm

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