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Original title: Xinhua Times Commentary: Hong Kong needs fair elections based on social stability

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"We hope that the Canadian side will reflect deeply and take concrete actions to bring China-Canada relations back on track, which is also the task of the new Canadian government," Cong Peiwu said. The principle of treating each other as equals will play a positive role in bringing bilateral relations back on track." (End)⊙々Original title: Hong Kong is not a state of the United States! China's "seven arrows" hit back at US Senate Hong Kong-related bill⊥30,000 to 10,000 yuan for reporting African swine feverlnxHlWT

Deng Bingqiang said that since the turmoil in Hong Kong, more than 470 police officers have been injured. Among them, a police officer was bitten off a finger, a police officer was almost shot through his calf by a sharp arrow, and a police officer was drenched in water with third-degree burns... "However, when I went to the hospital to see the burnt man When I was a colleague, he comforted me in turn, and said that he would be discharged from the hospital soon, which touched me very much!" As he spoke, Deng Bingqiang had a sour nose.GmMnIn terms of strengthening the construction of basic conditions and strongly supporting the protection of intellectual property rights, the opinion stated that the construction of basic platforms should be strengthened. Establish and improve the national intellectual property big data center and protection and monitoring information network, and strengthen the statistical monitoring of information such as registration, approval announcements, dispute resolution, and major cases.crypto miner hut【around the city】

Zuo Pengliang, manager of the general management department of Caofeidian Xintian LNG Co., Ltd., introduced that the Tangshan LNG project is located in the Caofeidian Port Logistics Park, with a total investment of 25.39 billion yuan and will be constructed in three stages. Among them, the first phase mainly builds four 200,000-square-meter LNG storage tanks, one 8-266,000-square-meter LNG ship receiving and unloading berth and related supporting facilities, with a receiving and unloading capacity of 5 million tons per year. It is planned to be completed in 2022 and is expected to be completed by 2030. The maximum unloading capacity is 12 million tons per year after it is fully completed. After the project is completed, it will be interconnected with national trunk pipelines such as the Sino-Russian East Line through the export pipeline, which means that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will soon use Russian natural gas.The spokesperson of the Southern Theater Command issued a warning on the 22nd. Recently, under the banner of "freedom of navigation", the United States has frequently sent ships and planes to the South China Sea to cause trouble. We urge it to stop such provocative and risky actions to avoid unforeseen incidents. "In order to avoid accidents", the US military should go back and think about it.№Zheng Shulun told reporters that in addition to the restrictions on land auction conditions, in the second half of the year, the supervision of real estate trusts, domestic and overseas bond issuance, ABS, etc. will be strengthened, and the capital situation of real estate enterprises is not good. From the perspective of the national market since October, the enthusiasm of real estate companies to acquire land has dropped significantly, and the pass-through rate has increased. Although the Shenzhen market is currently performing well, developers are generally more cautious and rational in acquiring land.∏s852Qh

Jiang Nan, a researcher at the Rural Economy Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: The opinions on promoting the transformation and upgrading of live pig production released earlier are particularly comprehensive. . At present, the most important thing is to restore large-scale aquaculture, which is the most important part of building a modern industrial breeding system. Only when large-scale production is guaranteed, can production recover. Small and medium-sized enterprises will still exist to a certain extent and for a certain period of time. It is necessary to find ways to improve their competitiveness and use some new business models, such as cooperatives and family farms, to improve the level of cooperation and jointly promote the recovery of production capacity. Another point is to deploy and build an industrial technology system from the perspective of the whole industry chain of production, circulation, processing, and consumption, which is related to the long-term competitiveness of the industry.☆It has not been a day for the opposition to intervene in Hong Kong affairs in tandem with foreign forces. On October 26, Lord Alton (David Alton), a member of the British House of Lords, wrote to Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom, citing He Junyao's "inappropriate behavior" in calling violent protesters in Hong Kong "cockroaches" and urging the school to take action , Two days later, the school made a decision to revoke He Junyao's honorary doctorate degree from the school. On November 23, the Lord Alton posted on social media that he was invited by Hong Kong pro-democracy groups to "monitor" district council elections in Hong Kong. The British politician who came to provoke He Junyao was a member of the so-called "monitoring team". Their sinister intentions are obvious.≌【panic】WQMV11jN

Data map: Jiuzhaigou Changhai scenery. Anyuan photo data map: Jiuzhaigou Changhai scenery. Photo by Anyuan∑0Wbh

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