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Among them, Wu Lang, chairman of *ST Energy Conservation, is an exception. When the Shenwu Department was in crisis, the battle for control of its listed companies was also in full swing. In February this year, Wu Lang, who was only 29 years old, was elected as the chairman of *ST Energy Conservation. According to his resume, Wu Lang joined Shenwu Technology in May 2017 as the vice president of the investment and financing department, but did not disclose other connections.

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Original title: 965,000 people participated in the 2020 National Examination Written Test, and an average of 40 people competed for 1 post⊙々Some people rumoured that there was a "nuclear explosion" in the South China Sea; others treated fraudsters disguised as so-called "Chinese agents" as guests...⊥"No country will allow violence to destroy society and disrupt the economy. This bill in the U.S. Senate is harmful to the United States, China, and the world," said Robert Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation of the United States. Senior US diplomat Freeman pointed out that "the United States is not part of the dialogue between Hong Kong and Beijing" and "violent demonstrators should not receive foreign sympathy."GXmo1

The highest temperature in many places in the south hit a new low in the second half of the yearQ38ZCR7Original title: When we envy Sun Xingmin, don’t forget Chinese football and Wu Leimining rig for sale bahrain【refute】

Original title: Improve grassroots governance with "Fengqiao experience" (governor said)Seeing this news, the most excited is probably Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the Taiwan region. He jumped out and said "China" in Chinese words in response to the "Wang Liqiang Incident": "China's intention to influence Taiwan's election is very obvious, and every election we have seen the shadow of China's involvement. , and it’s getting more and more obvious and clearer.”№Since all of this is driven by changes in the US's China strategy, such wars of public opinion against China may become the norm. China needs to be prepared to deal with them in the long run.∏xulG9

As one of the main routes to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the MTR University Station is still closed today.☆Original title: The United States racked its brains and shamelessly suppressed China's Wang Yi, who made an oriental strong voice in the face of danger≌【Shares】hESB8f

Geng Shuang said that in the process of promoting the construction of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", China has always followed the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and has always put the interests of the Pakistani people as the top priority. Over the past five years since the construction of the corridor, significant positive progress has been made. At present, 22 projects have achieved early harvests, greatly improving the local transportation infrastructure and power supply in Pakistan, creating tens of thousands of employment opportunities for Pakistan, and driving Pakistan's annual growth rate. It has played an increasingly important role in promoting Pakistan's economic and social development and improving people's well-being. Whether the corridor is well built or not, and whether China-Pakistan cooperation will work, facts and figures have given the answer. The U.S. side ignores the facts and keeps using the fabricated debt issue as an example. Its real intention is to interfere with the construction of the corridor and provoke China-Pakistan relations. Its intentions are extremely sinister.∑cP1AH

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